The University
of Luxembourg’s
vision for the future

Our aspiration

The University of Luxembourg sees itself as a driving force, generating knowledge and human capital based on research and education at the highest international level. It is a University for Luxembourg and the world.

Our vision:
A University for Luxembourg and the world

The University of Luxembourg shapes societal, cultural, technological and economic development in proactive dialogue with public and private stakeholders of society.

Our profile and mission:
A world-class research University

The University of Luxembourg strives for excellence in both fundamental and applied research, and in education. It drives innovation for society, has a high proportion of graduate students, and intertwines research, teaching and societal impact.

The University has three missions: research, higher education and contribution to the social, cultural and economic development of the country.

In the spotlight

The Strategy framework

The Strategy framework of the University is a flexible roadmap for future University strategies and implementations. It is articulated as a vision, setting out where the University strives to be in the future, a profile and mission describing the University’s character and focus, and values that express what the University and its community stand for.

Based on these elements, the University seeks to achieve four long-term strategic goals by 2039:

  • Reinforce its international profile as an excellent research university
  • Strengthen its teaching and establish new forms of learning
  • Add value to society and meet emerging societal challenges
  • Reinforce and encourage interdisciplinarity.

These goals will be accomplished through key areas and key initiatives within the University’s three missions.


mission profile


long-term strategic goals

key areas

Key initiatives (large initiatives and new impulsions),
existing key activities and strengths.

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Our values: striving for excellence, living social responsibility

In all its activities, the University of Luxembourg is founded on and upholds the following values, which underpin its commitment to social responsibility:


We strive for excellence in all our activities.

International & multilingual

We are internationally oriented, attracting highly qualified international personnel and students, and maintaining a worldwide network. Our multilingual nature and multicultural expertise are essential to both our academic internationalisation and integration in Luxembourg.

Grounded in society

Our close connection with national and international stakeholders ensures that it contributes significantly to the development of the knowledge society in the world, through cutting-edge research, the education of highly qualified people, partnerships with industry, economy and society and its entrepreneurial spirit.


We are agile and flexible in our research, education and support functions. It initiates and develops new forms of teaching and learning. It reacts quickly and purposefully to challenges in research, education and services to society.

Inclusive & fair

Inclusion, diversity and gender equality are central to us. We are a modern and attractive employer which promotes work-life balance and conducts fair evaluations of career opportunities.


We ensure independence in teaching and research as a prerequisite for excellent science, as defined in our legal framework.

The Four-Year Plan

The Four-Year Plan is the instrument to implement the University’s Strategy framework. The current Four-Year-Plan spans the horizon 2022-2025 and will take the University to and through its twentieth anniversary in 2023, a milestone in the University’s development. The plan proposes a number of initiatives to tackle the three major challenges for the future as identified in the Strategy framework:

Sustainable and Societal Development

The University of Luxembourg carries the vision of being a world-class university contributing decisively to sustainable development. It will go beyond a solely technological view but will give equal value to individual wellbeing, socio-economic and cultural aspects in the spirit of a sustainable and societal development.

Medicine and Health

Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential for society. The University of Luxembourg has the dedication to be a driver in supporting Luxembourg’s ambition for a robust health, medical and biomedicine ecosystem. In its vision, the University contributes to making Luxembourg’s health system internationally known for its sanitary, clinical and academic excellence, and an attractor for students, researchers and professionals who build their career in Luxembourg.

Digital Transformation

Digitalisation, ICT, data science and artificial intelligence (AI) are gaining presence in everyday life and are transforming how universities fulfill their missions of research, education, and societal, economic and cultural impact. The University of Luxembourg will contribute to Luxembourg’s ambition to be among the most advanced digital societies and to become a data-driven and sustainable economy.

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